Hmmm, a tea?

A coffee?

Enter into the world of Pomme d’Ambre

Pomme d’Ambre, 2 afficionados of teas, spices, coffees, and sweet treats of all sorts. For more than 15 years , Muriel and Marc have treated us to all kinds of specialties in their stores of L’Isle Adam, Eragny or Clermont-Ferrand in France. Always with a mutual desire to collaborate with them in the future.

So with great ethusiasm we delved into their world (without hesitating to test, just to show you how involved we were) in order to propose a brand identity that was equal to their high standards. The outcome was a logo and graphic guidelines as energizing as their products, which they immediately adopted. And what’s more, we created new packaging. But the story doesn‘t end there, and it’s in our section entitled «Create an Event» that we tell you the rest. :p

Make a beeline for their shop, you will leave there a happy camper!

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