Starting point… It must look like you and be able to age well, as you do!
Nothing is ever simply coincidence: everyday we do our best to show others the best of ourselves. For our company it may be exactly the same. When we meet for the first time, when you talk about your future graphic identity we are carefully listening to what you explain ; then we ask you questions i.e your project, your customers, your competitors, Pros and Cons, what you enjoy, your expectations within the 5 years to come… And with your words in mind we can put the creative machine on!

Since 2003, more than 60 logos have been designed for our clients. And yes we surely like this!


The Bible!
When you give your business card to a new contact, the first impression is surely very powerful. This is why we always design the business cards with great care. Every detail is of importance. Then we create your letterhead, mail signature… all stationery necessary for your company. These elements are compiled into the identity guideline, explaining colours, typography, printing recommendations…

This guideline will help internal and external staff to fit to your standards. The identity guideline may be printed or digital. Up to you. Just ask!

A selection of logos designed by Execom team



Execom has been designing documents for centuries :).
And we are still here and ready, to advise you with papers’ textures, printing processes…


What a long list!
When your company needs either internal or external communication, you can count on us and choose within the following:
Commercial brochures (4 pages or more)
Corporate brochure with specific bindings
Leaflets for launching a new product or making promotion
Direct marketing campaign (letters, coupons, scratch cards…)
Posters and bill boards
POS material for exibitions or retail outlets
Stickers for vehicles or outdoor/indoor posters
Large format printings for an event.

Depending on quantity, our partners will respect quality/delivery time and budget. We ensure this!

Our main references on printing



When we talk about internet, we can see your eyes flicker… Yes you’re right, there are so many possibilities. But your image on the internet must be in accordance to your corporate strategy.

Webdesign is therefore the process of creating your website.

Execom has been helping many clients with designing websites and mobile apps. Traditional media are changing really fast and now we rather speak about cross-media. In another word, we compile many media, internet being one of them, to develop both awareness and interactivity.

A website is okay, a well-structured website is the real challenge!
Here again times are changing… Every one is claiming “UX design”! It is in fact a method where the “web user” is placed in the center of the internet. Ergonomics must be number one priority while rather using opensource programming. You can therefore update by your own. It is so pleasant to imagine that your new clients will enjoy visiting your pages!!.


Pragmatic while virtual!
Execom can develop:
Corporate website and e-commerce
Launching products mini website
Web banner for internet or social media
Motion design
Web and social media strategy
Thinking web has to be a collective mission… Execom will the conductor of the project.

Our main web references



Your company will turn 20 years… (you still look so young!) and you would like to mark this event?

Let’s make the show!
When we talk about events, every detail is of great importance. Next year you would really like to invite your partners, employees, clients into this famous place for the anniversary of your company. But how to do it?  How much will it cost?
Execom can be your conductor and manage all details so that this event will be magic.


Methodology and fantasy
Execom manages for you:
searching of the location

La recherche de lieux
Scenography and artists selection
Catering La sélection du traiteur
Visual image La création de tous les supports visuels
Speakers and entertainers

All along the preparation of the event, we follow a “todo list” from A to Z.


We know many artists who will be able to attract your clients and prospects to your office. We have great experience in this type of events and we can introduce many artists to you.


We are real experts in doing exhibitions. According to the size of your stand, the budget you can afford, we’ll be able to propose many solutions.

Our references on events